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Wedding Planning Advice

Wedding Planning Advice from Real Couples
Get the lowdown from the newly married who just survived what you’re stressing over because we all know wedding planning is anything but a walk in the par —whether you have a coordinator or not—we put together a list of advice from couples who just recently tied the knot. Here’s their words of wisdom to help you get through your wedding planning with a smile:
1) Set a budget first, you need to decide how much you can spend on your wedding. Start the guest list before deciding on your venue, get an idea first of how many guests you will host. – Bernard and Belle Ang
2) Consider borrowing items that will be used once from your friends and family. I borrowed my bridal robe for the bridal preparation from one of my bridesmaids. I also borrowed my sister’s jewelry. – Rachell Masinag-Marquez
3) DO. NOT. BRING. YOUR. PHONE. Leave it. There is no reason for you to bring it anyway! First, because it’s a distraction; and second, it looks poofy inside your pocket when you take photos. – Aiko and Nikkolai Sy
4) Be nice to your coordinators and suppliers. After all, you will not have much time to actively work on the details on the wedding day itself. It’s your coordinator and suppliers who will make things happen. – Atty. Walter and Rheya Mactal
5) You don’t have to get all the expensive suppliers. However, there are certain suppliers worth the investment (like the photographer, videographer, wedding gown, and caterer). Talk to multiple suppliers to get the best possible deal. Also, make sure to attend wedding expos since suppliers typically lower their prices or throw in additional extras for your special event. – Jeff and Colleen Gonzaga
6) There is never a perfect wedding, there will always be some shortcomings, but the very essence of this milestone is to enjoy every bit of it and never worry of what might go wrong. Communicate with your partner on what are his take and point of view. It’s very important that you agree on things together and that he should also be informed of this and that to avoid confusion. – Alexa Aranas-Gorgonia
7) Get an all-in wedding coordination package from day one. Don’t worry about the fi nances because they will all come back. The husband needs to put in effort, the bride can’t do all the work. – Paolo and Faye Roa
8) Lastly, increase your patience and understanding. This doesn’t come overnight. Wedding planning is stressful. As a couple, we felt the pressure during the third to the fourth month leading up to our wedding day. If not for each other’s patience and understanding, little (or big) fi ghts are inevitable. Pray for each other, more than you pray for the wedding itself. – Aiko and Nikkolai Sy