Mags Photography / News, Promos & Ideas / October 22, 2020

Stunning wedding of Emman & Elaine

These two are down to earth, kind hearted, thoughtful and as genuine as you can possibly get. So far they are my favorite couple.

“It’s been almost 9 months since Emmanuel and I got married, and I can safely say that time has in no way mellowed my appreciation for the fabulous work of MAGS Photography! When they came to us for our wedding we were really happy to be hanging out with them. They are fun to be around and we enjoyed hanging out with them getting photos and videos taken. They made all the guests at their most comfortable state and were so inconspicuous that guests did not know how many photos and clips of videos were taken and how lovely they were! A guest (who is also professional photographer) commented how good they were too! Wedding photographers and videographers are important as it is their work your are left with to reminisce and provoke the memories. You get to relive your wedding from so many different perspectives, capturing the fun and love of your family and closest friends. They really have given us the best memories and we are so grateful to them. I can’t recommend them enough and I am not sure you could ask anymore from MAGS Photography! Will finish by saying just book them!   It’ll be the best decision you make for your big day!”
– Emman & Elaine

The Theme & Motif
Theme: Rustic Wedding