Inspirations for Weddings & Debuts Magazine / Fashion & Beauty Guide / July 31, 2019

Effortlessly Ever After

Bridal beauty so breezy, you could do it yourself 

by Marielle Ong

Happy, in love, and excited. You’re embracing the future with open arms and a positive attitude. So why shouldn’t your look reflect the radiance you feel inside? If easy-does-it is just the way you like it, we’ve got the step-by-step guide to scoring your ultimate relaxed bridal look.

Healthy skin is half the work - Since the focus will be on what’s lit from within, giving your skin the red carpet treatment is a priority for achieving a firm foundation—even without dabbing on any foundation. Invest in a multi-step hydrating skincare regimen that will suit your skin type. The big misconception is that oily or acne-prone skin should be dried out instead of “greased up.” But dehydrated skin tends to compensate by producing more oil. A depleted moisture barrier also tends to be more susceptible to breakout-causing bacteria, so don’t take your skincare for granted.

Luminous is love - When Meghan Markle (right) wed Prince Harry, the whole world was in awe of how she played it simple with her makeup. And what stood out most was her statement-making sheer foundation that showed off her freckles. Cop her refreshing, dewy style by using a radiance primer underneath a light coverage, satin-finish foundation. The light-reflecting particles of the primer will help even out the skin tone and brighten up your overall complexion. Stick to spot-concealing blemishes rather than applying cover-up to large areas of the face like a highlighter. Then replace the matte face powder with a translucent setting powder to keep your makeup in place without killing the glow.

To add low-key depth to your complexion, a light dusting of bronzer and some neutral rose or coral blush can take the place of the contour kit. A pale gold highlighter can illuminate the skin without looking like high beam headlights. Another celeb bride who perfected the understated look? Karlie Kloss.


Easy on the eyes - To match the simplified base, do away with the harsh lines and smoldering smoky eyes that tend to age you. Opt for a semi-smoky look at most, replacing the stark black eyeshadow with dusty rose, mauve, plum, light brown, or bronze. Think Gwyneth Paltrow’s subtle shadowing during her wedding to Brad Falchuk. Another way to go is to turn to the sheer, sun-kissed lid look. A warm, shimmery gold-toned shadow gives a wash of color minus the severity. Coleen Garcia executed this perfectly when she tied the knot with Billy Crawford.

Brows can be groomed and filled in to cover sparse areas, but take care not to over-define those arches. Skip the falsies altogether, but emphasize fuller-looking lashes by applying eyeliner directly on the lashline or as close to it and as thinly as possible. Finish off with a lengthening and volumizing waterproof mascara that holds a curl.

Completely kissable - Prep lips with lip balm and blot off any excess. Swipe on a pinkish-nude lipstick with a soft shine for a beckoning pout.

Tip: Choose a color that’s just a shade or two away from your natural lip color.

And there you have it. Here comes the au naturel bride!