HENRY EVALLE: Earnest Approach to Wedding Photo

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Posted on September 25, 2019 at 02:17 PM

Henry Evalle’s earnest approach to wedding photography

Written by Marielle Ong

Serene moments. Soft smiles. Tears of joy. But most of all, love all around. These are the impressions one can get from the photos of Henry Evalle, R.N., chief photographer of Henry Evalle Photography and Team Ossome Lab. We find out the method behind the shots.

From Moment to Moment : The role of a wedding photographer is to capture the most intimate and emotional scenes of the big day. Henry would be remiss if he didn’t have shots of the moment the bride enters the church or the groom’s initial reaction. Other moments that must be immortalized include the exchanging of vows and the petals being showered on the newlyweds. You’ll know that a photographer is astute when those heartfelt instances are a staple in his or her albums.

On Embracing Innovation : As the craft is ever-evolving, creativity is crucial. But it’s not just about copying trends. “I make sure that when I attempt a creative shot, it still has our own style,” Henry points out.

Couple’s Choice : It is integral for Henry that his subjects be the ones to select the theme. He says, “The theme’s beauty comes out if we’re working towards the same goal. Once they have chosen their theme, that’s when I give suggestions to bring out the concept.” When the photographer selects the theme, there’s a tendency for the couple not to get all that comfortable, or they just won’t be as pleased with the result.


Down to the Specifics : Aside from deciding on a theme, Henry gets down to the nitty-gritty when meeting with his clients. “I find out what the couple like and dislike, like their preferred angle for me to capture,” says Henry. It helps to show pegs and sample images to your photographer to give the team an idea of how you want to be photographed.

Fullproof Practices : Next to photography skills, it’s the photographer’s demeanor that helps get the perfect photos. It puts the subjects at ease to be cheerful, friendly, and approachable. Henry opts to dress distinctly, so that he can easily be identified as the official event photographer.

A Matter of Trust : Finally, after establishing a rapport with your photographer, Henry advises to simply trust. Since all the specifics have already been discussed beforehand, it’s time to let the artist work his magic.

"The theme’s beauty comes out if we’re working towards the same goal."



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