OMAR PEREZ: Glorious gowns

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Posted on September 25, 2019 at 12:37 PM

Glorious gowns and Omar Perez Couture

"Before I even begin to design a gown, I ask clients how they
see themselves on their big day, I listen to them before I offer my suggestions."

Based in Taysan, Batangas, Omar Perez Couture is a design house that caters to clients living here and abroad in countries like Italy, Spain, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and Canada. The business started in October 2014, and a new office has just opened at another Batangas location. Omar Perez gives us insights on Big Day dressing.

Most Wanted : Constantly in style for brides and debutantes alike are off-shoulder and deep V-neck numbers. A flattering neckline goes a long way in shaping the figure, right along a gown’s silhouette. The see through illusion neckline is still as hot as ever among the ladies, owing to the way the thin fabric makes the meticulous details (like beads or lace) on the bodice the star of the show. Coveted celebrity gown styles include Marian Rivera and Kaye Abad. Finally, the most popular gown shade for bridal gowns is still blush.

Comfort Driven : But more than just a smashing cut or silhouette alone, Omar’s clients are wise in requesting for gowns that are also comfortable. They want to be able to move freely, be it while walking down the aisle or dancing at the reception. Be mindful of the fit of the gown when standing or sitting. If boning is present, does it jab you awkwardly? Bring that to the designer’s attention immediately. For the sleeves, check during the fittings that you can move your arms properly.

Choose Your Fighter : The mark of a good designer is the way he or she carefully handles each project. “Before I even begin to design a gown, I ask clients how they see themselves on their big day,” says Omar. “I listen to them before I offer my suggestions.” In the same vein, an openness and connection with your designer is a must to get the collaborative effort going. Omar advises seeking out a designer who has a genuine concern for his or her craft, so that quality output and client satisfaction are major priorities.

Couture on a Budget : For budget-conscious brides and debutantes, Omar recommends focusing on a cut and style of the gown that will flatter their figures. Additional details, such as beading and lace, tend to cause the prices to go up. Only request for those if you have the budget.



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