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Posted on September 11, 2017 at 09:27 AM

Spotlight On: Achieve weightless wedding day makeup with the expertise of makeup artist Grace del Rosario’s airbrushing skills.

Getting your glam on is always an exciting prospect, but more so when all eyes are trained on you for the big day. With that in mind, you may start to realize that a lot of faith goes into the makeup artist’s nimble hands to achieve that readyfor-the-camera bridal glow. Since the trend is currently leaning towards airbrush technology, we tapped Center for Aesthetic Studies alumnus and Nien Tsz Lee-trained makeup artist, Grace del Rosario, to dish on this much-raved makeup medium:

What’s the deal with airbush makeup, and why is there so much buzz surrounding it?
In a nutshell, airbrush makeup and traditional make-up primarily differ in their 
application method. The former uses liquid pigments loaded into a gun with an air compressor while the latter makes use of fingers, sponges, and brushes. Grace says, “While the appearance is not all that different from each other, when it comes to the weight of the product on the skin, I would say that airbrush makeup is almost weightless, almost like wearing loose powder.” And, yes, airbrush makeup has buildable coverage. But here’s the best part! She continues,

Longevity-wise, airbrush can withstand even the oiliest, sweatiest, and most sensitive skin ..."

provided that the artist chooses the right type and brand of airbrush pigment. Application time is also a breeze when doing airbrush make-up.”

Is there prep involved for brides who opt for airbrushing?
Yes and no. If a bride is subscribing to some derma procedures to get her skin ready, then Grace advises doing this months before the wedding to give skin enough time to clear up and mend. During the big day, however, starting with a freshly washed face is enough. She shares, “I ask my clients to avoid putting anything on their face and hair on the day of their events, since it is my job to prep their skin on their big day.” So drop the moisturizer and primer, because she’s got that covered.


Is it a messy business, and will it stain the bride’s dress?
Grace applies loose setting powder to avoid having the pigments slide around the skin when the client starts to sweat. Airbrushing is done prior to getting dressed to avoid staining the wedding dress and, of course, a cape also helps shield clothes from color.

How is the longevity on airbrushing? Should the bride bring touch-up items just in case?
The good news: Airbrush makeup lasts more than twelve hours with minimal touchups needed! But follow the basic guidelines to make sure that that wedding day #FOTD stays pristine from day to night. Grace advises, “Just use tissue to dab at sweat and blotting paper for excess oil. Keep Q-Tips close by for smudging and pressed powder for touch-ups.”

So at the end of the day, how do you take it off?
An oil-based makeup remover does the trick, followed by a rinse-off cleanser to get rid of any remaining makeup. But take it easy on the eyes. “Just be gentle on the eye area to minimize wrinkles in that delicate area under your eyes,” she warns. “Avoid rubbing harshly. Since the skin there is one of the thinnest and most sensitive parts of the face, we have to take extra care of it.”


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