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Posted on September 09, 2017 at 05:19 PM

Spotlight On: Whitlock Dental Clinic helps you flash a smile that’s as radiant as your big day glow.

Looking your best on your wedding day is a must, and you’ve already spent the time and effort to make sure that you’re groomed, dressed to the nines, and ready to go. But did you forget something? Is your smile as on-point as your outfit? Since you’re bound to be beaming the entire time, having a confidence-boosting teeth whitening session should be a non-negotiable for you. We broke down the basics of an inoffice treatment with Dr. Garnett Diana Abragan, and here’s what we learned:

What whitening service do you offer, what does it entail, and who’s a good fit for it?
Surprisingly, it can take just one appointment of a chairside bleaching procedure with light curing to do the trick, and most people with discolored teeth are free to try it. But there are still exceptions. According to Dr. Abragan, “It’s not recommended for people who are wearing anterior bridges or if their teeth have restorative fillings, as the whitening agent only works on natural teeth.”

There are four steps that make the magic happen, namely, removing debris from the enamel, drying and isolating the teeth, applying the bleaching agent and curing with light, and repeating the previous step with bleach reapplications along the way. Depending on the teeth’s reaction, the repetitions can be done after a few minutes or in a separate session. The latter is for those with sensitive teeth in particular.

How is it different from at-home whitening services (gel or strips)?
Well, for one, the in-office treatment actually works faster. Dr. Abragan explains, “Chairside whitening makes use of a more concentrated whitening agent while a take-home whitening dentrifice has a much lower percentage of whitening agent.” That same concentration helps speed up the process.

How long before the wedding should it be done, and how long does that dazzling effect last?
One to two weeks before the big day is enough, though the doctor recommends it be two weeks, just in case you need to extend the sessions. Try not to rush it! And, oh yeah, the effect can be seen for six months or more when maintained with proper dental hygiene practices. (Hint: It includes regular brushing and using whitening toothpastes at least thrice a week!)

To finish off, we have some words of wisdom! Dr. Abragan says:

“What truly makes a bride beautiful on her special day is when she is able to smile with confidence.”

After all, gleaming pearly whites can brighten up any look in a snap.


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