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Posted on April 05, 2016 at 08:19 PM

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Get the kilig-worthy photos you've always dreamed of

“I want what they have.” When we admire photos of couples who look so in love, there’s the perfunctory sigh and a momentary daydream into a fantasy world. Is it even possible? Could such a striking romance be captured in a photograph that’s worth a thousand words? If you have the chemistry with your beloved and you book the right photographer, then it’s a certainty. If you take on a bridal photographer with tons of experience, then the odds have just swung a little more in your favor.

Studio1 Photography Philippines has the industry presence to back up the bold claim. After almost a decade in operation and having covered over countless weddings and debuts yearly, Linberg and Gladys Inovero, the couple behind the cameras, are confident and proud in what they have to offer. And what they have are cost-effective wedding packages that don’t skimp out on the necessary drama of taking a romantic shot.

On wedding photography theme trends, Linberg names editorial-style photography as the high-demand concept among their couple clients. It’s the way for the usually-introverted brides and grooms to step out of their comfort zone for a special occasion. According to the eyes behind Studio 1, “Fashion style wedding photo shoots are a big hit today as it is a way of bringing out more of our clients’ ability to express themselves during photo shoots.” The request for this type of shoots is so high that Studio1 was able to gain three years worth of experience on that specific concept.

For those who haven’t quite thought of what they want to do with their shoot, Studio1 advises to pick out a theme based on the couple’s personalities. When in doubt, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to what you already know. Plus, being comfortable in your own skin also reflects in photos, so that the audience can relate with your better.

For videos, it’s HD cameras that produce full HD (1080p) videos that make the wedding a reality show-worthy project. Further down the road, there will be a wider spread of the even higher quality video capturing known as 4K video, but it’s still limited at this time.

So just how good a deal do you get from Studio1? Well, their standard wedding photography and videography packages include free pre-nuptial photoshoot and on-site/same day edit videos. They also give out additional discounts to customers who book them on the spot during wedding fairs.

Ultimately, the good news is that those sigh-worthy weddings aren’t as non-relatable as you might think. It takes a photographer who has the experience and a solid concept with some proper direction. Perhaps other couples will see your pics and also end up saying, “I want what they have.”


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