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Posted on February 22, 2016 at 04:56 PM

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The endless quest for photo perfection has Smartshot Studio in the middle of all the action

Lito Genilo, the man behind Smartshot Studio, is in the business of capturing the essence of weddings and preserving those priceless memories. It is this fascination with his craft, a lifelong passion that started in his boyhood, which has inspired him to put up Smart Shot Studio and spend countless hours learning to perfect his process. From attending international seminars on photography to going fully digital, Genilo has prospered in the bridal photography scene by keeping his methods ever-evolving. With a portfolio of clients based both locally and abroad and plenty of victories in photography competitions, he’s certainly in it to win it.

We picked his brain on wedding photography trends that couples should look into, and this is what he had to offer:

1. It’s black and it’s white. – “Black and white photography never really did go away,” he says. A classic doesn’t go out of style. After several decades, you will look back on these photos and still see something timeless.

2. Double the fun. – For something trendy and modern, double exposure is the edgy choice. It’s the amazing combination of old photography styles and modern technology. Talk about the best of both worlds. According to Lito, “The rise of double exposure in design continues the trend of analog art and photography techniques resurfacing in digital imagery.”

3. Whip ‘em out. – “Rather than limiting creativity and artistry, having a smartphone on you at all times only enhances inspired photos opportunities captured at spontaneous moments.” See? Even the professionals appreciate how smartphones enrich the milestone documentation experience. The weddings happening in this generation are blessed to coincide with quantum leaps in technology. What power we wield in our fingertips!

4. Make it mobile. – “Still on the rise is the need for more authentic images, increasingly shot with mobile phone cameras,” Lito muses. “The generation Y is consuming a lot of Instagram photos and this trend influences commercial photography.” If you want to know what’s coming up next, you gotta look to the people. Right now, the pulse is still on candid moments caught on cam.

5. Drone on and on. – Still relatively new in photography and to the public in general, drones could just be the ‘secret weapon’ to amazing aerial shots. Shares Lito, “There are few images taken between 10 meters above ground and up to whatever flyby limit.  Because taking images from this perspective would require a plane or crane, these images are few in numbers in the stock industry.” You’ll be one of the first to have that unique perspective for your big day memories.


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