7 Jun 2012; Admin

Despedida de Soltera (“Farewell to spinsterhood / single-hood”), is another common Filipino pre-wedding practice where families celebrate the bride’s family’s consent on the marriage. It’s usually held about a week before the wedding day, and is typically hosted by the bride-to-be’s family. Traditionally, the groom and his family, the entourage, as well as close relatives and friends are invited to this party.
My Despedida de Soltera was actually just a simple get-together party where representatives from both clans mingled for an afteoon of merienda. I think it’s usually like that nowadays, but I can’t help but wonder that it might have been a bit more different during the older times.
Given the Filipino culture of hospitality, the hosts for an event like this would slave for hours in a day in order to prepare scrumptious meals and serve the best for their guests. Nowadays, I think such hospitality is still practiced in the cities, but at a more practical level. Women in the family probably won’t slave themselves in the kitchen anymore, but would just hire a caterer. I’ve been a city girl ever since I was bo, so I really can’t say the same for those in the Philippine provinces. Maybe they still practice such preparation for this pre-wedding party, I really wouldn’t know for sure.
What I do know is that here in the city, it’s quite common to be more practical. A small get-together would take place instead of a grand party with a huge, roasted pig as the main dish. Well, unless you’re rich and you could afford a grand party, that is
But then again, I think it would really just depend on you whether or not you’d choose to have a grand “send off” party. Just remember that the success of a party isn’t dependent on how much food you serve, but on how much your guests enjoyed the event you planned.